"Sicherheit in CAN Netzwerken"- Beitrag im CAN Newsletter Magazine

This article gives an insight into the CAN (FD) security issue as asked by several companies participating within the CiA’s (CAN in Automation)
interest group IG safety and security. Generic CAN (FD) security requirements

Cover CAN Newsletter Magazine

In the past 5 years we have been reporting about various security threats and solutions for CAN and CAN FD. It is interesting to see that security requirements can differ quite a bit depending on the application, and that therefore the solutions developed also differ. An access control system has a high focus on authentication but might not care about encryption. A custom high-tech machinery in a somewhat closed housing might not worry about authentication but more about protecting the intellectual property and encryption of the data exchanged, making re-engineering more difficult. From the security viewpoint, the toughest applications are those where the system owner or user is considering the security threat.

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