Open PhD position into the UbiMob project (5G and TSN)

A French-German jointly supervised PhD position is available at University of Haute Alsace – University of Freiburg – Hochschule Offenburg.

Applications are open until 15. October 2022.

UBIquity and MOBility for Time Sensitive Networking – UbiMob TSN

The industrial digital transition with the integration of the Internet of Things and mobility in Industry 4.0 are driving Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) for real-time communications. Developed by the IEEE802.1 group, they concern wired Ethernet technology. In order to overcome these limitations and make mobile devices requiring real-time communications, we propose in this thesis to extend the TSN/Ethernet concepts to wireless technologies (WTSN), and in particular to 5th generation cellular networks (5G) designed for Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC). For the first time, the concept of multi-technology redundancy (5G and TSN) will be considered from end to end. This thesis work will rely on simulation for formal validation and on a demonstrator based on the SMART UHA mobile robot project of the IRIMAS Institute.

For more detailled information please follow this link: PhD position into the UbiMob project (5G and TSN)